Barn och ungdom i Gredelbykyrkan (BiG)

BiG is a Christian youth association. Based on the early Christian confession that Jesus Christ is Lord, we want to formulate our activities for the youth in Knivsta.

BiG belongs to

Through a diversity of approaches BiG want to:

- tell the good news of Christ
- take our share of responsibility for the human living conditions
- work towards the visible unity of Christ's Church
promote personal Christian faith and fellowship of the Christian community
assert the individual's value and develop the capacity for independent positions
encourage responsible involvement in social and cultural life

Code of Conduct  for BiG (in swedish).

Information about membership och memberform (in swedish).


Chairman: Maria Svanäng tel. 0702-78 99 31
Economy: Sören Svanäng tel. 070-564 89 66

Barn och ungdom i Gredelbykyrkan
Tomtebovägen 12
741 42 Knivsta
Plusgironummer: 2 39 65-7

Welcome to BiG!

Groups in BiG:
Sundays kl. 11.00, from 3 years


Margarita Escobar, tel.
0703-35 15 41
Tonår - Teenagers
Fridays kl. 18.30 - 21


Maria Svanäng tel. 0702-78 99 31
eller e-post till tonår:
Mondays in Gredelbykyrkan
kl 18.30 - 20.00 (fr. 8 years)

Sören Svanäng 070-564 89 66
Elenore Jansson 0733-68 52 09